For those of us who grew up playing with the Commodore 64 before shifting to big PC boxes it felt like a step backward from a aesthetics perspective to move from a PC encased in a keyboard to a (not-much-smaller) keyboard attached to a big ugly box that sat under the desk. KC has been talking for years about the inevitability of a shift backward to flatter computers in keyboards and for a while it looked like everyone was simply content to down-shift to a laptop. I have to say, Asus have revealed something that should satisfy everyone. It’s a fabulously flat keyboard that has everything you’d need to connect to a larger screen. Oh, and it also has a 5 inch touch screen on it too, just in case you’re on the road (or if you don’t need the larger screen space)! Engadget has a story here with sexy photos, well worth a look. Needless to say, I want! (Thanks Richie)