BBC News ran a story a few days ago on the new craze of bin sniffing. Apparently, since legislation in the UK has made it harder for kids to buy glue or lighter fluid, innovative glue-sniffers are finding other sources of amusement. The Scotsman ran a similar story back in 2002 describing how bins and bus shelters were showing up with dinner plate-sized holes in them; the footprint of the bin-sniffers. And the reason it’s possible to get a high from bin-sniffing? (here comes the science bit) “Wheelie bins are made from high density polyethylene - composed of double-bonded carbon and hydrogen molecules. Burning an empty one releases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. These deadly gases starve the brain of oxygen, giving a headacheheavy short high.” I wonder what other more-interesting chemicals are being released… (thanks gordo.)