300 trailer

300, the new film based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller looks amazing (trailer here, movie website here). I suspect this will be one to watch in 2007. It's about the Spartan's fight against the Persian invasion of Greece at the battle of Thermopylae in 480BC. 300 Spartans fight at a mountain pass to delay the Persian's overwhelming force (there is some question of the actual number of invaders, perhaps a hundred thousand, perhaps 2 million...). Anyway, I digress, take a look at the trailer, the visuals, as you would expect are awesome...

Asimo falls over

So I was shown this video of the Asimo robot "walking" up a set of stairs. Although its walk is quite human-like, its fall is something else completely... if you cringed, it shows that maybe humans are more compassionate towards robots than futurists would have predicted. If you laughed, join my club ;-)

Ghost Riding the Whip

So there's been some coverage of the ghost riding phenomenon on the papers. So Ghost Riding is where you drive a car and jump out while its moving and dance beside it or on the roof. So here's some amusing clips of ghost riding going wrong... this one is pretty hardcore, with an obvious outcome:

And this one is less predictable and probably fake:

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