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Journal Article
Simon Dobson, Graeme Stevenson, Graham Williamson, Stephen Knox, Matthew Stabeler, Lorcan Coyle, Steve Neely, Paddy Nixon, "An Open-Source Infrastructure for Pervasive Computing", PerAda Magazine, 10/2008.
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Lorcan Coyle, Steve Neely, Graeme Stevenson, Mark Sullivan, Simon Dobson, Paddy Nixon, "Sensor Fusion-Based Middleware for Smart Homes", International Journal of Assistive Robotics and Mechatronics (IJARM), vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 53-60, 06/2007. Abstract
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Simon Dobson, Steve Neely, Graeme Stevenson, Lorcan Coyle, Paddy Nixon, "Towards a Platform for Widespread Embedded Intelligence", ERCIM News - Special Theme: Embedded Intelligence., vol. 67, 10/2006. Abstract
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Conference Paper
Owen Phelan, Lorcan Coyle, Graeme Stevenson, Steve Neely, "The Ambient Calendar", 19th Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, Cork, Ireland, pp. 282-290, 27/08/2008. Abstract
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Simon Dobson, Paddy Nixon, Lorcan Coyle, Steve Neely, Graeme Stevenson, Graham Williamson, "Construct: An Open Source Pervasive Systems Platform", Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC), 2007, 4th IEEE, Las Vegas, NV, USA, pp. 1203-1204, 11/01/2007. Abstract
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Lorcan Coyle, Evelyn Balfe, Graeme Stevenson, Steve Neely, Simon Dobson, Paddy Nixon, Barry Smyth, "Supplementing Case-based Recommenders with Context Data", Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning and Context Awareness, Ölüdeniz/Fethiye, Turkey, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 05/09/2006. Abstract
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Lorcan Coyle, Steve Neely, Gaëtan Rey, Graeme Stevenson, Mark Sullivan, Simon Dobson, Paddy Nixon, "Sensor Fusion-Based Middleware for Assisted Living", 4th International Conference On Smart homes & heath Telematics, Belfast, UK, IOS Press, pp. 281-288, 26/06/2006. Abstract
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Graham Williamson, Graeme Stevenson, Steve Neely, Lorcan Coyle, Paddy Nixon, "Scalable Information Dissemination for Pervasive Systems: Implementation and Evaluation", 4th international workshop on Middleware for Pervasive and Ad-Hoc Computing (MPAC 2006), Melbourne, Australia, ACM Press, pp. 7-13, 27/11/2006. Abstract
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Graeme Stevenson, Lorcan Coyle, Steve Neely, Simon Dobson, Paddy Nixon, "ConStruct - A Decentralised Context Infrastructure for Ubiquitous Computing Environments", IT&T Annual Conference, Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland, 26/10/2005. Abstract
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