Reminding Short-Term Memory Sufferers to Complete Routine Tasks

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UCD-CSI-2007-10, University College Dublin (2007)



rfid; human memory; rfid glove; pervasive computing; ubiquitous computing


With the general increase of life span that our advances in health care have afforded us, more people are suffering from short term memory loss than ever before. Short term memory sufferers often forget what they were doing in the middle of a task and can find themselves in dangerous situations, such as leaving the stove on and leaving the house. They could benefit from an RFID based reminder system that would determine what they were doing based on what objects they touch. To use the system, the user wears an RFID glove which has a reader in the palm. The RFID glove reads the tags on the nearby objects. Along with the RFID glove we are developing an application that enables the user to interact with a reminder application. The application alerts the user of important activities they may have forgotten they started and when an activity is interrupted. It also keeps a record of the list of activities they have performed and objects they have touched through out the day.

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