Ambient Information 2008 - Program

The provisional program is as follows. This is subject to change in the coming weeks.

All those who have submitted a paper will be expected to give a short presentation over their work, and talk a little about their experiances working with Ambient Information technologies in their research. We are encouraging anyone who has a portable prototype to bring it to the workshop and display it to the other participants.

September 21st 2008

Note on the Afternoon Discussion Session
After the morning session everyone should know one other, and we have an idea of everyone’s experience with AIS work. The main motivation for this discussion will be to come up with a list of Grand Challenges for AIS research based on their experiences. What kinds of things do we need to know in order to further research in this domain (E.g., What are acceptable evaluation methods? What prototypes, or prototyping technologies, would be beneficial for us?, How can researchers get better access to the technologies they need that are rare, like smart materials?, How can researchers get grants to do this sort of research?, How do we get access to large public spaces? What are the ethical concerns of this sort of research?, etc.) As a research community, it might be good if we all agree, or at least know, what everyone else things is important in this domain. If you have any suggestions for discussion topics please get in touch with us and we’ll add them to the list of possible topics.</p>