Ambient Information 2008 - Organizers

William R. Hazlewood is a PhD student in the School of Informatics at Indiana University Bloomington focusing on Human-Computer Interaction and Design. His research interest center around the design, use, and evaluation, of ambient information technologies, particularly those that are not specifically task-based, and are situated in everyday living. His current advisers include Yvonne Rogers from the Open University, UK as well as Erik Stolterman and Kay Connelly at Indiana University, US.

Lorcan CoyleLorcan Coyle currently holds a Science Foundation Ireland funded Post-Doctoral Fellowship at University College Dublin in Ireland. His research interests include Ambient Information Systems, Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, Context-Aware Systems, Machine Learning, and Personalisation technologies. His current work is on the development of a distributed fully-decentralized open-source platform supporting the building of context-aware, adaptive, pervasive and autonomic systems called Construct. This work also includes the deployment of ambient public displays that use Construct platform.

Image of Zachary Pousman Zachary Pousman is a PhD student in Human-Centered Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He works in the Information Interfaces Laboratory (headed by John Stasko) in the School of Interactive Computing (the lab is also affiliated with the Graphics Visualization and Usability Center at GT). His research focus is on Casual Information Visualization, that is applying the methods and techniques of infovis to a everyday populations and everyday situations, especially those where visualizations support personal and community reflection. His current work is Imprint, a system for reflection on sustainability data.

Youn-kyung Lim is an assistant professor in the Department of Industrial Design at KAIST in South Korea. Before she joined KAIST, she was an assistant professor in the School of Informatics at Indiana University Bloomington, teaching in the Human-Computer Interaction Design program. Her research interests are in understanding the nature of design practice, bringing experience-centered approaches into design of novel technologies, and connecting theory and practice especially for supporting creative interaction design. She has recently been particularly exploring the ways of conceptualizing and describing "shapes" of interaction qualities whether they are manifested in ambient information or directly manipulable information, in order to help designers exploring emotional and felt experiences of interaction.