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David Rose, Founder and CEO of Ambient Devices

David Rose is a technology visionary and serial entrepreneur. At Ambient Devices he is pioneering the new consumer category of glanceable technology: embedding Internet information in everyday objects (lamps, mirrors, watches and wearables) to make the physical environment an interface to digital information.

Previously, Rose founded Viant’s Innovation Center, an advanced technology group for Fortune 500s including Sony, GM, Schwab, Sprint, Compaq and Fleet. He helped build Viant to over 900 people, $140M in revenues and a successful IPO (NASDAQ:VIAN). In 1997 Rose patented online photosharing and founded Opholio (acquired by FlashPoint Technology). Before the Internet he founded and was President of Interactive Factory (acquired by RDW Group) which creates museum exhibits, educational software and smart toys, including the award-winning LEGO Mindstorms Robotic Invention System.

Rose teaches Information Visualization at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and is a frequent speaker for corporate research departments and conferences. He received his BA in Physics from St. Olaf College, studied Interactive Cinema at the MIT Media Lab, and earned a Masters Degree from Harvard University.

To learn more about Ambient Devices visit their website: http://www.ambientdevices.com.

08:30 Light Breakfast provided
Welcome from Organizers, Brief introductions from the attendees
09:20   Keynote Speech from David Rose
10:00   Coffee

Short presentations by attending authors

Ambient Information Systems: Evaluation in Two Paradigms ( Zachary Pousman, John Stasko)

Explorations and Experiences with Ambient Information Systems (John Stasko, Myungcheol Doo, Brian Dorn, Christopher Plaue)

Towards Designing Persuasive Ambient Visualization (Andrew Vande Moere)

Competing for your Attention: Negative Externalities in Digital Signage Advertising (Jörg Müller, Antonio Krüger)

Assessing the Suitability of Context Information for Ambient Display (Steve Neely, Graeme Stevenson, Paddy Nixon)

Intrusive and Non-intrusive Evaluation of Ambient Displays (Xiaobin Shen, Peter Eades, Seokhee Hong, Andrew Vande Moere)
A Time to Glance: Studying the Use of Mobile Ambient Information (Frank Bentley, Joe Tul lio, Crysta Metcalf, Drew Harry, Noel Massey)

Interstitial Interfaces for Mobile Media (Jehan Wickramasuriya, Venu Vasudevan, Nitya Narasimhan)

Ambient Interfaces that Motivate Changes in Human Behavior (Jodi Forlizzi, Ian Li, Anind Dey)

Towards a Taxonomy for Ambient Information Systems (Martin Tomitsch, Karin Kappel, Andreas Lehner, Thomas Grechenig)

Urban Score: Measuring Your Relationship with the City (Eric Paulos, Ian Smith, Ben Hooker)

12:00   Retire to Lunch in a general area
13:30-14:30   Begin breakout sessions
14:30   Coffee
14:45-16:00   Continue breakout sessions

Table Discussions chaired by Lorcan/Richie/Sunny
Discuss conconlusions from breakout sesssions
Sinthesize poster for presenting at the conference

17:00   End of workshop
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